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Bingo is a popular game that you can play online and is loved by young and old players alike. What makes the game so special? The entire online bingo game is simple and the rules are very easy to understand. In addition, almost all components of the game are self-explanatory. At the beginning of the game, you buy one or more bingo cards. Bingo balls are drawn one after the other in each game round. The first player to fill in their grid and call out “Bingo” wins the game and the prize money.

If you’d like to know what Bingo is and how to play online bingo games for real money or for free, then read on. On this page, you will find everything there is to know about Bingo: how to play, the differences between popular variations of the game, where to find online bingo bonuses, and how to play for free.

Our experts at put every online casino that offers bingo to the test. We analyse the payment methods, payout ratios, withdrawal speeds, licences, bonus offers, the quality of the bingo games, and many other aspects, to bring you the best bingo casinos in India.

Best Bingo Sites in India 2024

What is Bingo?

The special appeal of bingo is the simplicity of the game. Although more rules can be added when you’re ready to try different varieties of the game, the main principle is straightforward. To play a game of bingo you first need to buy one or more bingo cards. Each bingo card contains a series of numbers. During the game, numbers are called out and the first person to complete all the numbers gets BINGO and wins the game.

If you’re playing for real money, there are awesome cash prizes to be won. The numbers on the bingo card must be marked off vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, depending on the version you are playing. Some versions require you to mark off all the numbers on the card.

When you play at the best bingo online casinos in India, the system marks the numbers on the card for you as they are announced. The system is always accurate, so you don’t have to worry about missing numbers along the way. This gives you the added benefit of being able to buy as many bingo cards as you wish and increase your chances of winning the jackpot prizes.

History of Bingo

Unlike classic casino games such as poker and roulette, bingo is considered a relatively modern game. It emerged in Italy in the 16th century and then spread to France and other countries. It wasn’t called bingo at first and only got its current name many years later in the US when an American toy merchant redesigned the game and increased the number of possible combinations.

In the early 1930s, bingo was being played as a fundraising game in America, which led to many people learning how to play the game to support the fundraising initiatives. It’s said that by 1934, around 10,000 bingo games were played in the US every week.

The first online free bingo game called, “Bingo Zone,” was played on the internet in 1996. The game was only popular in the UK, but the excitement soon spread to the rest of the world as online gambling platforms began incorporating real cash bingo games into their sites.

In India, Bingo wasn’t very well-known until the live Indian game show, “National Bingo Night,” began airing on the Colors TV channel in 2010. The show, hosted by Abhishek Bachchan, was a big success with regular celebrity guests competing against contestants as well as the audience at home for cash prizes as high as ₹ 25,00,000. By the time online gambling became possible on mobile phones, India was already well-versed in the rules of Bingo – and the game has been popular ever since.

How To Play Online Bingo

If you want to play online bingo, you can start right away. You only have to decide where you want to play and whether or not to claim a bonus. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can click on any of the online bingo casinos recommended on this site to get started. The site will launch in the browser on any iOS, macOS, Android, or Windows device. Take these steps and enjoy the bingo games!
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: Bestindiaonlinecasinos listsDesktopMobile phone Supply needed: MoneyTimeInternet
Sign up Choose one of the safe online bingo casinos listed on this site. Click on the link to register with your name and contact details. Step 1
Top up your balance You can top up your balance by claiming a no deposit bonus if the site you want to play at has one available. If not, you can deposit funds into your casino balance. Step 2
Choose a bingo game Take a virtual tour of the bingo lobby and choose a bingo game that suits your preferences. Compare the buy-in values and the winning prizes of each game. Step 3
Buy your bingo card Purchase a bingo card by clicking on the bingo game and following the prompts. Wait for the game to start and enjoy the fun. Shout Bingo! even if nobody can hear you. Step 4

Online Bingo Variants

The nature of bingo makes it possible to dream up many varieties of the game. Different versions are characterised by the number of balls used, the layout of the bingo cards, the speed of the game, and the patterns that must be formed to win the game. The two classic variants of online bingo that players around the world are most familiar with are 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo. In the UK, 90-ball bingo is the most-played version, whereas 75-ball bingo is most famous in the US.

Tambola, as we know it in India, is most closely related to 90-ball bingo. We’ll go through this version last, but first, we look at three alternative versions.

Speed Bingo

The 30-ball bingo game is often called ‘Speed Bingo’ due to its shortened duration. Speed bingo is much faster because there are only 30 active balls in the game and the bingo card only contains 9 numbers. The numbers are displayed in a 3×3 format: 3 rows and 3 columns.

To win a round of Speed Bingo, you must cross off every number on the grid. Since there are fewer numbers on a speed bingo card and fewer bingo balls, the probability of winning is higher than other variations. Online speed bingo is popular because players can buy real money tickets for low values.

75 Ball

The 75-ball bingo game is especially popular amongst beginner players because there are only a few rules that need to be observed. There are 75 active balls and the bingo card contains 25 boxes in a 5×5 format with 5 rows and 5 columns. The box situated directly in the centre of the grid doesn’t contain a number. This box is usually labelled, “Free,” and serves as a ‘wild’ or ‘joker’ field.

There are different ways to win cash prizes in 75-ball bingo, depending on the pattern that you tick off on your card. The most popular winning patterns are:

80 Ball

The 80-ball bingo game uses a bingo card with a 4×4 format – 4 rows and 4 columns. Every box, or field, on the card is allocated a number, so there are no ‘joker’ fields. The card contains 16 numbers and there are 80 active balls. The rules for winning are almost the same as those for winning the 75-ball variation, except that players can attempt to achieve bigger prizes by withholding their wins.

For example, if you are playing a round of 80-ball bingo and you manage to complete a row, you don’t have to take the win. Instead, you can continue playing in the hopes of landing an additional row, which will increase your prize value.

90 Ball

90-Ball Bingo is played on a 9×3 card – with 3 rows consisting of 9 fields each. Unlike other variations, not all the fields on a 90-ball bingo card contain numbers. Between 1 and 3 numbers are printed in each of the 9 columns:

There are only 5 numbered fields in each row, which means there are 15 total numbers on a bingo card that need to be marked off to get a Full House.

Online Bingo Basic Essentials

When you play bingo in a land-based bingo hall, the numbers are typically drawn by a Bingo Caller. The caller picks numbered balls out of a lottery machine. The randomness of the balls that are picked is ensured by a mechanism – such as a spinning lottery machine or an air-blown bingo machine that circulates the balls inside it. When the caller reads out the numbers, players mark them off on their tangible bingo cards.

Certain elements of land-based bingo have been adapted to make the game suitable for online gambling. They have been adapted differently for regular online bingo and live dealer bingo. In this section, we’ll look at the essentials of regular online bingo.

Bingo Card

The first thing you do when you enter a bingo game is to buy a card. The format of a bingo card depends on the version of bingo in play. When you play online you have the luxury of purchasing multiple bingo cards, increasing your opportunity of winning the game.

The software in the game will automatically mark off the correct numbers on your card as the numbers are selected, so there’s no need to be concerned about buying too many bingo cards. At most online bingo sites in India, the bingo card that has the highest probability of winning is displayed on top of the other cards, making it easy for you to follow the game.

RNG Machine

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. RNGs determine the outcomes of certain gambling games such as slots, video poker, and online bingo. An RNG is a complex technology, embedded in the gaming software, which ensures that the results of games are fair. Every time that a ball is picked in online bingo, the RNG is responsible for running the algorithm that produces the outcome of the ball selection.

Since regular online bingo is not live, and there’s no caller or spinning lottery/mill machine, it’s important to have RNG technology producing the outcomes. Online bingo rooms are regularly audited by testing labs to ensure that their RNG machines are working correctly.

Live Online Bingo

Playing live online bingo is much more entertaining for most players than playing regular online bingo. When you play live bingo, you can interact with the other players who also have a stake in the game using the live chat functionality. Interacting with other players makes the bingo experience more engaging. Players can buy a live bingo card for as little as ₹10 at some online casinos in India.

Online game providers have developed live online bingo games that rival the atmosphere obtained in land-based bingo halls. They stream live bingo in real-time from world-class studios straight to your smartphone, tablet, or desktop device. The concept is fairly new but is catching on like wildfire, so we can expect to see many more game providers developing live online bingo games in the future.

Vivo Gaming released a live dealer game in 2020 called, “Live Bingo.” The game is hosted by a professional croupier who calls out the numbers, chats to the audience of players throughout the bingo rounds, and comments on the live chats that players are having with one another. It creates an upbeat vibe and keeps players entertained for hours on end. Vivo Gaming is licensed by the government of Curacao and Isle of Man, which means that players in India can access the games.

Free Bingo Games

Many online casinos offer free bingo games without requiring players to complete a deposit. There are three mainstream ways that you can play bingo online for free:

  1. Demo games: these are free versions of the real money bingo games that you can play for free at most online bingo casinos in India. Simply launch one of the casinos that host online bingo games in your browser, then click on the bingo game that you want to play and select ‘demo’ or ‘free’. Most online casinos won’t even ask you to sign up before allowing you to play a free bingo game. You can also play the demo versions on some game developers’ websites, and on bingo affiliate websites that aim to teach players about online gambling.
  2. No deposit bonus: this is a free bonus that online casinos give to new players for signing up and to existing players to retain them. You don’t have to deposit any money for the bonus credits to be added to your balance.
  3. Free bingo ticket: online bingo casinos may give away free tickets for specific bingo events or bingo games. The casinos do this for marketing purposes, but it’s a win-win situation either way.

Of the three options listed, free to play demo games are the easiest to find but they’re also the only option where you aren’t playing for real money and there’s no chance of winning any cash.

Online Bingo Common Winning Patterns

There are so many winning patterns in bingo that the alternatives seem endless. Each variant has different pattern rules, and each online casino may apply the patterns that it wishes, so be sure to find out which patterns apply to the bingo game that you are playing before you start. However, when you play online, it’s not as important to be aware of the winning patterns since the system will mark off the winning numbers for you.

Straight Line

The easiest way to win money at bingo if you’re new to the game and playing at a land-based venue is by marking off straight lines. These are the least complicated to keep track of. A straight line is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a straight line from one side of a bingo card to the other side. The line can be formed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

X Pattern

The X pattern is also pretty easy to remember. It’s achieved when you mark off two diagonal lines to form the letter X. The diagonal lines will intersect in the middle of the card, and each diagonal line must span from one corner of the bingo card to the opposite corner.

Four Corners

The Four Corners pattern is achieved when a number in each corner of the bingo card is marked off. When you get this pattern, the first and the last fields in the first column are marked off, as well as the first and the last fields in the last column.


To win the main jackpot in bingo, a "blackout" or "full house" is required. These two terms mean the same thing. A blackout is when all the numbers on a bingo card have been marked off, which means the ticket is 100% completed.

Online Bingo Rules

One of the main attractions of bingo is how easy it is to learn and play. The main rules of the game are:

To keep the game interesting, the patterns may be changed regularly. The types of patterns played in a session are usually predetermined. Before you start the game, find out which patterns you are playing with because the game is not usually limited to a single pattern.

Why Play Bingo Online

The nice thing about online bingo is that the numbers are automatically marked off for you at most online bingo sites. This allows you to buy more tickets, which makes the game more fun because you have more chances of winning. It also keeps you engaged throughout the game. Since you aren’t engrossed in marking off your numbers, it allows you to enjoy the social aspects of bingo – you can interact with the other players without missing out on winning patterns. Of course, being able to play at any time of the day, wherever you are in the world is also a benefit. Online bingo can be played on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Pros and Cons of Playing Bingo Online

The basics and rules of online bingo are quite similar to the offline bingo game. The main difference is that online bingo is displayed on a device instead of in a land-based venue. Playing online gives you more options than playing at a land-based venue. When you play at a bingo hall, you have to play the version that is offered there. However, online bingo sites offer plenty of versions, and you can choose which one you feel like playing. On the downside, you must have a stable internet connection if you want to avoid missing any of the action. When it comes to cashing in your prize money, it may take longer to receive your winnings when you play online. You may have to verify your identity before the online casino can transfer your winnings to your bank account, credit card, or online wallet. At land-based venues, your winnings are typically paid to you on the spot, in cash. However, this is not always the case. Paradoxically, playing online gives you more opportunities to socialise than playing at a regular venue. Since the online casino software marks the matching numbers on your cards off for you, your time is free to interact with the other players. When you visit regular bingo halls, you’ll notice that everyone, including you, is too busy marking off numbers to be friendly.


  • Convenient: play bingo any time of day, on any device, wherever you are.
  • Accessible: a large number of bingo variants and buy-in values to choose from.
  • Bonuses: take advantage of bingo bonuses and free tickets.
  • Social: interact with people from all over the world on live chat.
  • Winning potential: numbers are marked automatically, so you never miss a jackpot.


  • A stable internet connection is required.
  • You need to open an account before you can play at most sites.
  • Winnings aren’t paid out instantly.
  • You may need to verify your casino account before you can cash out.

Online Bingo Glossary

You are given multiple opportunities to win at online bingo by marking off various patterns. There are also quite a few alternative versions of the game. Don’t feel bombarded by the bingo lingo – bingo-specific terms that are thrown around during a game. The explanations are easy to remember, just like the rest of the game.


The buy-in is the amount that you pay to enter a game. Since only one card is required to enter a game of bingo, the minimum buy-in is equal to the purchase price of one bingo card. If you encounter a game of bingo where 2 cards are required, the minimum buy-in will be the price of two cards, and so on.


A flashboard is a screen or board where the numbers that are called out are displayed. This can help players who fall behind when the numbers are being presented. Sometimes the flashboard will display all the numbers that have been called so far. Other times, it may display only the most recent numbers.

Free Space

Some varieties of the game have a free space on the card. This is most commonly found in 75-ball bingo. The free space is also known as the wild field or the joker field. It’s usually found in the centre of a card and substitutes for any other number to create winning patterns.

Full House

A full house is the same as a blackout in bingo. It means that all the numbers on a card have been marked off. In other words, you matched all the numbers on the same card with the numbers that were announced during the game. A full house usually pays the jackpot.

Regular Pattern

There can be hundreds of different winning patterns depending on the version in play. However, most versions incorporate the regular patterns: horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines, the X pattern, the four corners, and the plus sign (+) pattern.

Online Bingo FAQs

Is it legal to play online bingo in India?

The sites that operate online bingo in India are operating legally as long as they are properly licensed by a recognised gambling authority. However, for players in India, the gambling laws change depending on which region you play from. Sikkim has regulated the online gambling industry, while most other states still consider gambling illegal. Indian bingo players resort to playing at offshore sites since India doesn’t have any online real money bingo games.

What are the rules of bingo?

The rules are simple. You buy a card and mark off the numbers on the card as they are announced. If you manage to mark off the numbers in winning patterns, you win prizes. The most difficult part of the game is memorising the winning patterns so that you know whether you’re a winner or not. However, you don’t need to memorise the patterns in online bingo because the software will automatically confirm your win.

Can I play bingo for free?

Yes, there are different ways that you can play for free. You can play the free versions of the real money games, but you won’t be able to win real money on these free games. Alternatively, you could use a bingo bonus or free bingo ticket to enter a real money game and play for free while standing a chance to win real money.

How to win at online bingo?

To win, you need to mark off the numbers in a winning pattern. The winning patterns depend on the variation of bingo you are playing. To increase your chances of winning you can buy more than one bingo card. Technically, every card you buy gives you a greater chance to win.

Is it safe to play bingo online?

Yes, it’s safe to play if you’re playing at a reliable online casino. That’s why we recommend playing at sites with good reputations or trustworthy licences. At properly licensed sites, the software that determines the numbers is always audited and tested to ensure that the outcomes are fair. Licensed sites also employ top security and encryption technology to protect personal and financial details of their players. » Games » Online Bingo: Play Bingo Games in India
Last updated: 21. August 2023