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Being well informed is key when it comes to online sports betting. As a gambler, you want to make the most out of every bet you place. One of the ways to do this is to play at the best sports betting sites in India. But, how do you know if a gambling site is the best one for you?

That’s where the team at bestIndiaonlinecasinos comes in, with all the information you need. You only need a suitable device and internet connection to start making sports bets online.

At bestIndiaonlinecasinos, the authenticity of the information we provide comes first. We engage in a thorough investigation before deciding which are the best sports betting sites. Plus, we provide useful tips for making sports bets in India; you’ll learn what bonuses a sportsbook offers and what it takes to claim them.

If you’re seeking information on the safest sites to play, we have your back. We ensure that every site on our list has enough security measures to protect its customers. Here is everything you need to know about Indian sports betting sites.

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Top Sports Betting Sites in India 2023

What are Sports Betting Sites?

Sports betting sites are platforms that allow players to bet on popular and less-popular sports games across the globe. These sites have a plethora of sporting events from major sports leagues and championship games. Sports bettors are not only enticed by the available sports but the overall usage of the platform which should feature easy-to-navigate interfaces and layouts. Many sites take the experience up a notch by featuring a mobile platform that lets bettors gamble on the go.

The best sports betting sites are ahead of the competition with their odds and you’ll find the best options that allow you to make the best of every wager. The best sports betting sites might not make much noise, but they stand out with their offerings. You should find several betting types on these platforms ranging from simple money lines to risky parlays.

Bonuses and promotions are also common with sports betting sites. Site operators understand the importance of rewarding bettors and do so regularly with many having loyalty programs on offer that you can join upon signing up.

How to Find the Best Sports Betting Sites in India

Finding the best sports betting sites might seem daunting, but it’s quite simple. You only have to know the right things to check. Below are steps to following when searching for the best Indian betting platforms:
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: BestIndiaonlinecasinos lists Supply needed: Money
Browse our list of the best sports betting sites With hundreds of sports betting sites available, it can be pretty difficult to find the best platforms for Indians. Thankfully, we have compiled a long list of highly-ranked sites. Simply browse through our list to get started. Step 1
Compare their features and offers Every sports betting site has its unique features and offers that make them stand out from the crowd. Compare each of them to find the perfect sports site that meets your standards Step 2
Create an account and make a deposit After choosing a sports site from the list, create an account on the platform by providing your username, email address, password and other necessary details. Once done, make a deposit using any of the banking methods available on the site. Step 3
Start Playing Now is the time to start to sit back and start placing sports betting wagers on the site. Good luck! Step 4

What to Do Before Playing at Sports Betting Sites?

There are two main things you need to have in mind when it comes to making bets on sports betting sites in India. If you are looking for advice on how to start and succeed, you’ve come to the right place. Research and strategy will become your best friends if they aren’t already.


Before you dive into a sea of online sportsbooks, you need to know what each one has to offer. With this, you avoid falling into the hands of the wrong online sites. The best way to learn about a sportsbook is through research.

So, how do you research? Start by listening to the experience of other gamblers. You can determine how the sportsbook operates from word of mouth or customer reviews, including the odds they offer.

However, customer experiences are not enough. You have to take the time to read reviews on trusted sites like bestIndiaonlinecasinos.


It’s best to develop a defined strategy for your research and analysis. This doesn’t have to be an intricate plan that you must adhere to religiously, but a simple or extensive plan that’ll help your search.

Your strategy should include the sources you intend to use for research and factors to consider when making betting decisions.

Factors We Consider when Determining the Best Sports Bettings Sites

The best sportsbook has similar features to its counterparts. However, they stand out because they do better with their offers. So, when choosing an online sports betting site, you must consider a few things.


There are numerous betting markets for every sporting event. Each of these markets focuses on a particular aspect of the event, like the winner, final score, or finishing order. These online betting markets have one thing in common: they are used to provide punters with odds on the various outcomes.

As a sports bettor, having access to a wide range of betting markets is essential. With this, you can focus on an aspect of the sport you’re confident in predicting. The best betting markets frequently offer generous odds which provides an opportunity to make an impressive win.


Odds are a necessary component of any sports wager, as they determine whether or not a bet is worthwhile. Each time you place a bet with a bookmaker, you’ll be presented with current odds, which affect the amount you can win. The higher they are, the more you stand to win compared to your initial wager.

Odds also reflect the probability of an event occurring. They will be lower if the probability of an outcome is high. Knowing how vital odds are, it’s better to settle for sports betting sites that offer the best odds.

Bonuses & Promotions

Sportsbetting is more than just wagering on your favourite sports; it’s also about the bonuses you get for choosing that platform. All online betting sites have an incentive to offer, but the best platforms have the best bonus offers.

Before signing up, ensure to look into welcome bonuses. Do they offer risk-free bets or free bets? What conditions must you fulfil before claiming the wins for these offers? Some online betting sites also have VIP loyalty programs that let you claim more bonuses as you advance. Whichever one you choose, ensure that the promotions benefit you in the long run.

Live Betting

Do you love to wager while the game is still hot? Opt for a sports betting site that includes this option in their offerings. The best gambling platforms will have a section designated for live events on their homepage.

The exciting part is that you get to see what happens in real-time, allowing you to place better bets. With this, you could win payouts running into thousands of rupees. Plus, these sites offer multiple betting options similar to betting before the game starts. This way, you’ll find a bet type that works for you.

Mobile Compatibility

Are you one of those sports bettors with a busy schedule? If so, you won’t be sitting in front of a computer all day, placing bets, but you’ll likely prefer to gamble from your mobile device.

Therefore, players must consider the mobile betting platforms available. These platforms should be compatible with several devices. Aside from this, you must easily access and wager on your favourite sports options.

The best online betting site will also ensure you can access the same deposit and withdrawal options, customer service, and bonuses from your mobile.


A casino site’s appeal starts with its design. When a punter first visits a gambling platform, the landing page speaks volumes. In most cases, an attractive design encourages you to stay and look through the site.

India’s best online sports betting sites excel in their design and layout. Even if some might be simple, they’re usually attractive enough to hold a punter’s attention. Moreover, a great design indicates that the casino has invested a lot into its platform which is a great indication of legitimacy.


When it comes to betting sites, the ease of placing your bets is paramount. No bettor wants to be caught on the wrong platform, struggling between wagering and navigating the site. The best gambling site should be easy to use from the first visit.

The signup process should be the first indicator, telling you if the site will be easy to use afterward. Next, you should check and ensure that you can access every site section, including the sports events.

VIP Program

Aside from the usual bonus offer, sportsbooks offer VIP programs for their members. These VIP programs come in different formats depending on the online sports betting site.

As a sports bettor, you can earn status points and bonuses in exchange for up to thousands of rupees. These promotions increase as punters progress through various VIP levels. The more money wagers players make, the more points they earn.

Bettors can exchange these points for cash prizes or site credits. Plus, many online sportsbooks reward customers who place large bets with other perks. Free bets, invitations to special events, net loss refunds, and luxury gifts are common forms of loyalty.

Additional Features

Aside from the regular sports betting offerings, free bets, and other promotions, there’s still a lot to explore. Every site features several pages where you can find more information about their origins.

You’ll also find a terms and conditions page detailing requirements and rules you should stick to while playing. For instance, if you’re offered a free bet, this page will tell you how to make the most of it.

Some betting sites, joined with casinos, also allow you to play several casino games after wagering. You also get to claim welcome bonuses and free spins on the casino platform.

Banking Methods

Signing up is one process; placing your bet is another. Before you can wager on any sport or claim, you must make a deposit through a valid payment option.

The best online sportsbooks have several payment options for Indian punters. Good examples include bank transfer, debit and credit card, Skrill, and Neteller.

Safety & Security

Online gambling can be risky. With the introduction of technology into the gambling scene, there has been a rise in fraudulent activities. Bettors often fall prey to wagering on scam sites that end up looting their hard-earned money.

To avoid being a victim of such circumstances, you must verify the legality and originality of a betting platform. The best sports betting sites operate with a license(s) obtained from a legal, regulatory body. They also have security protocols that protect their user information from third parties. You’ll often find their security measures on their terms and conditions page.

Great Customer Service

Most punters tend to overlook this aspect of a betting site till they encounter a minor problem. That said, the customer care system is one of the essential sections to consider. Several betting sites might have this feature but with several flaws. Sometimes, it might be impossible to reach the team, or might take ages to get a reply to your mail.

The best gambling platforms always have active customer service that attends to their gambler’s needs. Such sites help you resolve issues quickly, providing an experience that’s as seamless as possible.

Pros & Cons: Sports Betting Sites

What could be wrong with online sports betting? While there are many obvious benefits, there are also some less well-known downsides. We've covered these below so that you can get a fair overview of what sports betting entails.


  • Make sports bets from anywhere
  • Find good odds online
  • Enjoy sports betting promotions


  • Some sites are not licensed
  • There may be deposit limits
  • Withdrawal fees on winnings could be large

Different Types of Betting

There are several types of sports betting, and each operates in a different format. Knowing the types of bets available on the market and how they function helps you decide on the best one to pick. For instance, there are complicated bets that new customers find daunting. Instead, they could opt for simpler options before proceeding to complex bet types.

Below are the different betting options you’ll find in several Indian sportsbooks:

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are the most straightforward bets to understand. The goal of this wager is simple: select a team that will win. In other words, a bet has two outcomes depending on the event, and you can only wager on who would win or lose. You get to bet on favourites: teams that are most likely to win, or the underdogs: those with higher losing chances.
However, in the case of European football or some boxing events, the sportsbook may offer a third option: a draw. This means there are no winners or losers.

Point Spread Or Handicap Betting

Point spread bets are some of the most popular betting markets in a sportsbook. This kind of betting means punters will bet on how many points a player must win or lose.
Take the illustration below, for instance:
The Cowboys             -3    110%
Newcastle Scorers    +3   100%
The Cowboys are the favourites here and are expected to win by three points. In the same vein, the underdogs, Scorers are expected to lose by three points. So, if the event turns out this way: Cowboys: 19, Scorers: 16, you win because the cowboys scored by three points.
If the cowboys had a 21 instead, you still win because they won with over three points. But if they had an 18 and Scorers a 16, you lose because the Cowboys won by only 2 points.

Over/Under Bets

Several sports betting sites include this type of bet among their options. Here, players bet on what the total score would look like. For instance, a sportsbook below:
Vision Runners     O 9       115%
Arians                      U 9       115%
In the illustration above, O and U stand for over and under. The number represents the total predicted by the sportsbook. This means that after the game, the sum of Vision and Arians scores will equal at least 9.
Here, you bet that the total will be over 9 or under 9. However, if the total after the game is exactly 9, you don’t win or lose; you get your initial stake back.

Futures and Outright Bets

Rather than betting on the outcome of one game, a future wager is a bet on the outcome of the whole season. As the name implies, punters place these wagers on online betting sites weeks or shortly before the game kicks off. In some cases, you can wager a few days after the season has begun. These bets can be complicated, but the payouts are much higher than if you bet on a single game.

Proposition Bets and Specials

A proposition bet, “prop bet” or “special bet,” is one of the most exciting and fun aspects of sports wagering. The term refers to different betting options available to punters betting on things that don’t affect the outcome of games.
For instance, gamblers can wager on the team that scores first or the player that’ll have more or less than two touchdowns.
Prop bets are of two categories; fun and skill. Bets you place for fun are strictly for entertainment; therefore, finding an edge will be difficult. For skill prop bets, you must have a keen eye for noting details and predicting what you think will happen.

Parlays and Accumulators

Parlays or accumulators are little wagers that punters expect will yield large wins. These are bet types in which you combine several smaller bets into a single larger wager. Individual bets include point spreads, over/under (totals), and Moneyline wagers. All of your bets that make up the parlay must be winners for the parlay to be won.
Winning these bets is more difficult, and the stakes are higher than a traditional sports wager. However, the attractive payouts make up for the higher risk. You’ll find these kinds of bets in some of the best sports betting sites for Indian punters.

Teasers and Pleasers

Teasers are similar to parlays. However, there are two key differences between both. The first to keep in mind is that all of its wagers will be spread or total-bet bets.
The other difference is that you can adjust the spreads to favour you after the competition, season, or contest has started. However, don’t expect a large payout like when betting parlays.
This betting type is one of the most popular because players believe they can cash out better. But, it’s important to note that teasers don’t offer better odds; they’re the same as single bets.

Ifs and Reverses

These bet types are not common on sports betting sites. It’s a bet that combines two or more wagers. Here, the outcome of each wager determines whether or not the subsequent wagers are made.
First, you select different bets but wager on the first. If your first bet loses, you will lose your stake, and the remainder of the wager will be void. If your first selection is successful, you get paid only after deducting an amount equal to your initial stake. The sportsbook will then wager that amount on the second selection. The same scenario plays out afterward.
Reverses are two IF picks combined into one, eliminating the possibility of missing out on returns due to the selections.

Permutation Betting

Permutation betting increases your chances of winning but is not available in free bets for newbies. It’s a way to take advantage of the high winnings that accumulators and multiples provide. But, you avoid the risk of losing your entire stake if just one of your picks loses.
Instead of placing a single wager on all of your choices, you would place multiple wagers. Assuming you choose four options, 1, 2, 3, and 4. You could use an accumulator on all four, which means you’d have to get all four choices right. You then wager on all of the different doubles or triples like 1 & 2, 2 & 3, 3 & 4, and so on.

Crypto Sports Betting in India

You may think that crypto sports betting is difficult, but it’s a straightforward process. It’s also legal to use this payment method in India. Aside from its legality, it is one of the simplest and cheapest betting methods for Indian gamblers.

To get started, follow the simple process below:

Buy Cryptocurrency

You can purchase digital currency in two ways. The first method is purchasing cryptocurrencies on internet marketplaces with traditional currencies such as Indian rupees and US dollars. The second is to meet up with someone in person and trade cryptocurrencies for real money. Both ways are excellent as long as the overall goal of purchasing cryptocurrency is attained.

To buy bitcoin online, you’ll need to register with a cryptocurrency exchange. For Indians, and are the best. All sites follow a similar signup and exchange process. After creating an account, select the cryptocurrency you want. Afterward, pay for it using one of the various payment methods like an online bank transfer.

Sign up and Deposit on an Indian Sports Betting Site

Now that you’ve obtained your bitcoin, it’s time to deposit it into a betting site. The first and most critical step is to find a cryptocurrency-accepting betting site. Once you have done so, create an account and make deposits by visiting its cashier.

In order to make deposits, you must select the cryptocurrency you have in your wallet. These options could range from the popular bitcoin to Litecoin. The betting site will give you a link containing the address to deposit the digital money.

Copy the link and insert it into your crypto wallet. From here, you select how much you want to transfer and confirm the transaction. Once done, you’ll receive the money in your betting account.

Start Betting

With crypto, you can wager on any sports depending on the options available on the site.

Online Sports Betting Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

There’s been an upsurge in the number of online betting sites in India as more people try their hand at online betting. As more sportsbooks enter the fray, the competition heats up, so they try to make their services unique. One of these is offering a slew of payment options.

One of the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods is using debit or credit cards. If you look through the sports betting sites in India, you’ll discover that practically all accept Visa and MasterCard for deposits. Using this mode of payment, you only need to input your credit card details to begin funding your account. However, processing a withdrawal via this method is slow.

Many Indian sites also offer e-wallets as a payment option. If you choose to utilize an e-wallet, you should deposit and withdraw funds instantly. However, some betting operators may have specific rules that you must follow, so read the terms and conditions before proceeding.

Several digital wallets are available, but ecoPayz, Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal are the most popular.

Sportsbook also allows bettors to wager with cryptocurrencies. These methods are fast and safe. Remember that their value fluctuates, so check how much they’re worth before making a deposit.

How to Create an Account in Sports Betting Sites

Creating an account on any sports betting site is a straightforward process. If you have a strong internet connection, you could open an account, fund, and begin playing in a few minutes. You can accomplish this with a PC or a mobile device.

First, visit the betting site you want to register. There’s always a large button somewhere on the page that urges you to “Log in” or “Sign in.” The “login” option is for players who already have an account on the platform. That said, click on “sign-in” or “register,” depending on what you find on the sportsbook.

The sites direct you to a page to fill in your personal information. You must provide your name, phone number, email, and any other information required on the site. Afterward, proceed to complete the signup.

Some sportsbooks might log you out and request that you log in like an existing member. In this case, you’d select the “login” option, input your username and password and proceed.

All types of gambling are prohibited in India by the Public Gambling Act of 1867. As a result, you cannot place a wager on your favourite sports. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Since there are state laws governing each jurisdiction, there are a few places where you can try your hand at online betting. Online betting sites functioning within these territories offer some sports to wager on. You could also find live betting options on some of these sites, offering players odds on live events.

While online sports betting is big business in India, the iGaming industry is still a long way from maturity. Despite being able to wager on some sports, there are still a few restrictions. States that permit online betting still have no set ground concerning illegal games. This leaves Indian bettors confused about their legal standings.

However, if you choose to play at online sports betting sites, ensure you keep your eyes open for a few things. First, be sure that they operate with a license and have a secured platform. Next, aside from checking out their odds and bonuses, ensure they accept Indian bettors.

Gambling Laws in India

As far as the legality of gambling in India is concerned, there is no single law governing any gambling activities. Instead, under the Indian Constitution, state legislatures have been given substantial regulatory flexibility to create state-specific gambling regulations.

Certain Indian states have embraced the Gambling Act as the primary legislation governing the nation’s gambling industry. On the other hand, other states have created their legislation to that effect. As a result, some states have legalized gambling, while others have forbidden it. For instance, other than Sikkim, Goa, and Daman, casinos are illegal throughout the rest of India.

According to Section 12 of the Public Gaming Act of 1867, any game of pure skill is not considered gambling, but games of chance are.

Since there is always a question about which games fall within the definition of gambling, there is always uncertainty. For example, the legal significance of poker in India is debatable. This is because the country has never been able to determine if it’s a game of skill or chance.

There are only a few sports betting sites you can bet on these days, and only in a few states. Currently, internet poker, online rummy, lottery betting, and a few other forms of gambling are all permitted in India. You’ll also find horse racing betting in Goa and Sikkim. As a result, there’s a significant rise in online betting sites which Indian punters can access easily.

Enjoy Online Sports Betting in India

If there is an upcoming sports game that you want to make a bet on, then you can do so by using one of the recommended sports betting sites on this page. While sports betting is legal in India, there is still some confusion surrounding the activity. To avoid finding yourself in any problems, we recommend using one of the licensed platforms recommended by us at all times.

So, check out the sports betting casinos above and start making bets today! You may end up winning big within a matter of days!

Frequently Asked Questions about Sports Betting

Are sports betting apps safe?

Sports betting sites are safe for gamblers. These platforms operate with a license that ensures their operations are legal. With this, players can be sure that the site is not a scam but legit and will payout if they win. Sports betting sites also have several security measures that ensure their user data safety. As a result, you can rest assured that your financial information will not be accessible to external parties, preventing fraud. Before signing up, be sure to look out for this protection. Read reviews and listen to customer experiences to ensure a site is safe.

Why do odds vary between online sports betting sites?

Odds are the sportsbook’s interpretation of the event’s possible outcomes. As a result, every online sports betting site will have its prediction, causing a slight variation in the numbers. Certain occurrences and times usually affect the odds of a betting platform. As a result, sportsbooks reserve the right to adjust their odds at any time.

Are there any online sports betting sites without age verification?

A few sports betting sites allow you to play without any form of verification. Playing without an ID or an age verification could be due to several reasons. For one thing, you might not be of legal age to gamble. Sometimes, it’s because you prefer to keep some of your details away from the internet. However, if you play on trusted Indian sports betting sites, you don’t have to worry about revealing details about yourself. But, if you’re not of legal age to gamble, try out some online sports betting platforms that require no verification.

How do I deposit money on a betting site?

Several Indian online sportsbooks offer different options for their punters to make fast and easy deposits to their user accounts. These deposit methods vary for each betting site, though you’ll find a few common options. For instance, most Indian betting platforms accept bank transfers, debit, or credit cards. To deposit, you must have an account with the sportsbook. If you don’t, you start by creating one. Afterward, log into your account on your PC or mobile device. Navigate to the cashier, which is easily accessible from the homepage. Select the “deposit” option. Enter your preferred payment method and the amount you intend to deposit before proceeding.

Why do some online sportsbooks accept cryptocurrency?

Online sportsbooks accept cryptocurrency because of its fast transactions. Using cryptocurrency makes it easy for players to deposit on the platform. In the same vein, punters can also get their earnings a few minutes after requesting a withdrawal. It also eliminates the need for a third party, meaning the transaction is strictly between the sportsbook and the individual. Besides this, it’s also becoming a very popular means of exchange, and several Indians are beginning to prefer using them. Aside from its quick withdrawals, punters love its anonymity. This means that they don’t have to reveal sensitive information to any betting site.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

Winnings from cards or other similar games are taxable at 30% under Section 115B of the Income Tax Act. Any gambling winnings for individuals fall under the ‘other sources of income’ section of the act. Most online gaming platforms deduct applicable fees before crediting the prize money to the player’s bank account. However, if the platform doesn’t deduct tax, or if the game is played offline, the taxpayer still reports the winnings and pays the appropriate taxes.

How do I get a welcome bonus on a betting site?

An online betting site’s welcome bonus is a free bet given to new customers as a thank you for signing up. You can get these bonuses when you make the first deposit on any betting site. Such bonuses are termed “deposit bonuses.” In some cases, you get a no-deposit bonus of up to 50 rupees. As the name implies, this type of reward doesn’t require you to fund your account. You will be able to use the money from the welcome bonus to wager on any game of your choice. The downside is that you can’t withdraw the bonus cash unless you’ve met certain requirements.

How do I withdraw money on a betting site?

In most sports betting sites, you withdraw your earnings via the same methods as your deposits. However, in some cases, you can select a different withdrawal method.  To withdraw, log into your account. Locate the cashier on the site and select “withdraw.” Enter the withdrawal amount and method (if necessary), then proceed to process the payment. The processing time for each method varies. Some sites let you play and withdraw in Rupees. In the same vein, other sites might make payments in another currency. It’s then left to you to change your earnings to rupees.


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