Online Poker: Play Poker Games in India

This guide is all about online poker, the most fascinating card game ever developed. Poker is a game that is strategic, exhilirating, as well as addictive. When you play poker online, you have access to a wider assortment of poker-based games and may broaden your horizons and talents by trying out new variations of the game. It’s not only entertaining, but it also requires skills.

The fact that you are not restricted to a single place contributes to the popularity of online poker. If you like, you can open several different rooms at once to get the most diversity. In India, there are several poker sites that allow players to play poker in real-time. We’ll provide a list of the best poker sites in India where you may try your hand at winning big.

Top Online Poker Sites in India 2024

What is Poker?

Poker is a type of gambling game that requires both chance and skill. Players in poker place bets against one another based on the worth of their poker hands. Poker is a card game in which players place bets. Chips, which are commonly crafted of plastic or ceramic, are used to place bets by the players in the game. You may also play poker online with the best sites.

While the game’s oldest known version used just 20 cards, it is currently commonly played with a conventional deck of 52 cards, while in areas where short packs are prevalent, it may be played with 32, 40, or 48 cards. Hence, poker games differ in deck layout, the number of cards in play, number dealt face up or face down, and number shared by all participants. But all poker games include rules that require one or perhaps more rounds of betting.

Basic Rules of Poker

There are many poker variations, so rules can vary slightly. However, we’ve outlined the basic rules below so that you can enjoy online poker games in Indian casinos.

Standard poker games consist of 52 cards. The dealer will deal 5 cards to each player, and each player will make a bet based on their cards. If you’re playing draw poker, you can try to improve your hand by trading cards and continuing to make bets.

There are different terms in poker that help to move the game along. For example, a player may raise the stakes, and other players will either call (match the bet) or fold (quit the game). Eventually, the remaining players will show their cards and the player with the best hand will win the pot of money.

How to Play Online Poker

Playing poker online is a straightforward process. Players are simply required to sign up and enjoy gambling. Most online poker rooms include a quick start option, which is beneficial to beginner players. Simply enter the game you want to play, the odds you want to play at, and the number of people you would like to play against, and then tap to play. You'll be seated at the game of your selection right away. You can follow these basic steps to play online poker:
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: Bestindiaonlinecasinos lists Supply needed: Mobile or Laptop or ComputerMoney
Install the poker software The first step in playing from your computer or laptop is to download the software from the site of your preference. You may play without downloading poker games at any poker site if you don't want to install any. Step 1
Set up an account You'll need to create a user account at this time. You must be at least 18 years old to participate. If you are under the age of 18, don't expect to get past the age checks. Step 2
Deposit & Play poker online You may finally deposit in your poker account and start to play. Nowadays, poker sites offer a wide range of payment options including debit cards, credit cards, and e-wallet options. You can choose any option of your choice. Step 3

Indian Poker Game History

The card game poker is not new to India; evidence of it may be discovered dating back over a century. Mughal kings from Central Asia, who were fans of the game “Ganjifa,” brought card games to India in the 16th century. Gambling was one of the favourite pastimes for India’s ancient rulers and emperors in common. Also, the general public used to engage in a variety of gambling activities. For the better part of a century, though, the game was essentially underground. Despite the fact that many Indians played poker, it did not become popular in the nation until the 1990s.

Although most Indian states’ poker regulations make it uncertain whether social gambling is authorized or not, there is no such doubt when it comes to online poker. Around the year 2000, the widespread usage of cellphones boosted the appeal and accessibility of poker games to the general public. They are revolutionizing the sector like never before, with 2D gaming modes, live dealer contact, and true money-making games. It wasn’t later than 2007 that the internet gaming business took off in a big way.

State of Online Poker Industry in India

For online gaming, India has emerged to be a promising industry. The online gaming sector in India is undergoing an enormous transformation as a result of broad acceptance and improvement in technology, and it has become one of the fastest-growing industries among others. Real-time gaming, tournaments, coin awards, in-app purchases, 3D and live poker, and a slew of other features are attracting new customers and improving the gaming experience for the users. In light of the current market situation, various online games with novel forms have been established, one of which – online poker – has emerged to be a champion in the online gaming sector.

As established formats are enhanced and new ones are introduced, online poker is becoming increasingly popular. Furthermore, the security and convenience of implementing online payments are helping to make poker a genuine way for players to earn money by using their mental abilities. The sector is taking a large market share of the Indian online gaming industry, thanks to the digital era’s rise and stay-at-home orders owing to the COVID outbreak. According to industry projections, this particular game’s market is now developing at a 35-40% annual rate. In addition, the number of players in India playing poker online is steadily increasing, with over 3 million active players currently.

Online Poker Laws in India

In 1996, a three-judge Supreme Court bench upheld its 1967 decision, ruling that games requiring a significant and preponderant degree of talent fell under the description of ‘games of ordinary skill,’ and poker was considered a game of skill beyond the scope of gambling. Several Supreme Court decisions have also stated that providing games of skill is a basic right guaranteed by the Indian constitution, and so games of skill cannot be outlawed.

The High Courts of Karnataka and Calcutta have declared that police and law enforcement officials are not permitted to intervene in poker games. Various legal experts and jurists have stated that internet poker is entirely lawful in India based on this legal basis. However, there are certain exceptions. Due to the unique formulation of gaming regulations, residents of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, and Telangana are prevented from playing poker.

Despite the uncertainty and unpredictability that accompanies poker, several championships and tournaments are held in India every few weeks (only in States where it is legal).

Online Poker Game Variants

When people ask if you play poker nowadays, they usually mean Texas Hold ‘Em, a game that has grown in popularity over the last decade. However, there are many other forms of poker, the most common of which are stud, draw, and community card games. The format of a more organized tournament is generally specified from the start. Here are a handful of the most prevalent poker variations you could come across while playing online poker.

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold 'Em, which is played in the World Series of Poker, is by far the most popular poker game today. In Texas Hold 'Em, players are given two "pocket" or "hole" cards and must then wait for the revelation of five communal cards. Betting occurs in four sessions: firstly after the hole cards are dealt, next after the first three community cards are exposed (called "the flop") after the fourth community card is shown ("the turn"), and finally after the fifth community card is turned ("the river"). With any set of five cards, players must create their winning hand (their hole cards and the communal).

Pot Limit Omaha Poker

Pot Limit  Omaha is another of the famous and action-packed games accessible right now. It's a terrific mix of skill and luck, with the large number of possible hand combos ensuring frequent action and large prizes. At showdown in Pot Limit Omaha, you need to employ two cards from your hand.

For instance, when there are four clubs on a board possessing the ace of clubs in your hand earns you a flush in Hold'em, regardless of what your other card is. In Pot Limit Omaha, on the other hand, you ought to have two clubs in your hand to get a flush in this case.

Omaha Hi/Lo

Omaha hi-lo is indeed a "split-pot" variant of Omaha poker wherein gamblers compete for both the "high" and "low" sides of the pot. Omaha hi-lo follows the same basic principles as pot-limit Omaha. Players are handed four cards in Omaha hi-lo and must utilize two of those four cards in conjunction with three community cards to construct a five-card poker hand.

If a player stakes but everybody folds before the conclusion, the player wins the pot without having to reveal a hand, much like in hold 'em or pot-limit Omaha. If the last bet is called and the game goes to a showdown, the hands are reviewed to identify who has the best "high" and "low" hand, with each earning half of the pot.

5 Card Omaha

The thrilling game of 5 Card Omaha is inspired by Omaha. Each participant is handed five personal cards ('hole cards') that are unique to them. On the 'board,' five community cards are dealt face-up. To build the greatest five-card poker hand in 5 Card Omaha games, all players must employ precisely three of the community cards together along with exactly two of their hole cards.

There are two variants of 5 Card Omaha. The first is Pot Limit 5 Card Omaha Poker, where a player can stake the amount in the pot (i.e 100 into a 100 pot) and the second is No Limit 5 Card Omaha Poker, where a player may stake any amount up to their entire deck of chips. The betting is over and there is a showdown when the betting for the fourth round is equal. The person with the best hand wins the prize.

7 Card Stud

Seven-card stud is a stud poker variation. The seven-card stud was the highly popular poker type until Texas hold 'em gained popularity recently. Before the first betting round, two downcards and one upcard are dealt with, followed by three more upcards and one more downcard in the 7 Card Stud game.

There is a final round of betting after the last downcard is dealt. The pot is won by the best five-card poker hand. The smaller bet is put on the first two betting rounds in all fixed-limit games, while the bigger bet is wagered on the fifth, sixth, and seventh betting rounds. When there's an open pair on the fourth card, any player can place a lower or bigger wager.

Crazy Pineapple

This is indeed one of the best and craziest poker games. Crazy Pineapple is fairly similar to Texas Hold'em poker in terms of gameplay and betting regulations, with the exception that it allows you to win more hands.

Players are dealt with three hole cards instead of two as in Texas Hold'em. After the flip round of betting in Crazy Pineapple, one of the three-hole cards must be thrown. To win at Crazy Pineapple poker, players must build the greatest 5-card combination using their hole cards and communal cards. The pot is won by the player who stays alive to the end or makes the greatest 5-card hand in the showdown.

Online Poker: Pros & Cons

Online poker makes it easy for you to play this great card game anywhere. However, the state of poker play in India is a little confusing. Moreover, not everything about online poker is positive. Take a look to find out the pros and cons of playing the famous card game at an online casino.


  • You have access to poker games at any time of the day
  • You can play live poker games
  • Play from anywhere


  • There may be deposit limits for poker games
  • The laws around online poker in India are unclear
  • Some online poker casinos aren't legitimate

Poker Game Strategies

Poker is just a card game, but it can provide you with much more than simply entertainment at the tables. It is not a game of chance, as many people believe. Rather, it’s a fantastic skill game in which only those with the correct set of talents can win in the end. Here are some of the main strategies you need to employ to succeed at poker.

Know the Rules

The best way to succeed in poker is to know the rules. Make sure you have a complete understanding of the card game before you start playing to ensure that you don’t lose your money.

Quick and Precise Decision-Making

A game of online poker can sometimes be faster than real-life poker, but you will still need to make fast decisions. If you play live online poker games, then you’ll need to be alert and ensure that every move you make will help you to outplay your opponents, even if you have a weak hand.

Read Your Opponents

As mentioned, you can play poker against live opponents, which sometimes allows you to see the other players via a video link. It is therefore extremely important that you can read your opponents and understand human behaviour. This is a skill that you’ll improve by playing poker.

Learn How to Bluff

Bluffing is the main reason many people go far in poker. Keeping a “poker-face” will ensure that you worry your opponents and get them to fold, even if your hand is weaker.

Play Fewer Hands

This may seem like a counter-effective strategy, but playing fewer hands to a better standard will serve you better in the long run. This is a part of understanding risk vs reward, which is an essential thing to understand in poker.

Know When to Fold

Finally, an essential part of a good poker strategy is knowing when to fold. Don’t play a hand that is going to lose; fold before it’s too late.

Play Online Poker in India Today

In recent years, the Indian poker sector has exploded. You’ll find the best licensed and regulated poker sites to play at in India on the list above. Even though the game is outlawed in some parts of India, we’ve gathered together the casinos that do offer this popular game. So, if you live in an area where online poker is allowed, then we highly recommend checking out the casinos above to find the best one for all of your poker playing needs!

Fair Gameplay

Learning and applying the game's rules, as well as putting them into practice, is the essence of fair play. Fair gameplay is essential because it promotes tolerance and respect for others. Online poker games in India also provide you with just and fair play enabling players to integrate into society and foster collaboration. Independently certified online poker venues provide a fair and honest game to Indian players.

Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are different from cash games in that player's battle for a share of the winnings. Freeroll tournaments are also available where participants may play free poker games. Online poker clubs host such events in order to expand their potential player pool. Freeroll tournaments let players enter without paying an entrance fee and win real money.

Online Poker Promotions

One of the greatest appealing aspects of playing online poker is the numerous promos available. India's poker sites are no less in providing exciting bonuses. Almost every poker promotion website on the internet offers deposit bonuses, free money, reload bonuses, VIP rewards, and much more. These incentives and bonuses are worthwhile.

It's also critical to comprehend these incentives or promotions. These bonuses might contribute to the bottom line for winning players. These promos might sometimes be in the form of cash, and other times they can be in the form of free tournament admission. Whatever the situation may be, it increases your total profit and even victory rate.

Safe and Legal

It is extremely important to play with 100% safe and legal online poker games and tournaments as it allows fair gameplay to the players. But it is sometimes confusing to decide which games are safe and legal. The Random Number Generator (RNG) certification should be found on all reputable and secure poker platforms, as it serves to be a type of proof that the only element affecting your odds of winning the match is your level of expertise. If the website displays details of a reputable authorizing body’s license, you may be certain that it is a safe place tо рlаy.

Poker Game Experience

User-friendly gameplay is a must. From being land-based to online and now available poker apps have really come so far. Offering the best responsive user interface provides the perfect gaming experience to players. Аlmоst every poker website is nоw mоbile-friendly, but оnly а few will рrоvide yоu with а flаwless аnd exсeрtiоnаl mоbile exрerienсe. Choose wisely and have fun!

Payment Options

All online poker rooms with a good reputation will provide their players with a secure and safe environment. Furthermore, they will provide a wide variety of payment options to guarantee that all transactions involving money transferred into the player's account are safe. Moreover, providing a variety of deposit choices increases the possibility of players depositing because they may select their favorite method.

Customer Service Support

When anything goes wrong, you need support right away. To effectively answer the client's issues, any online poker site must offer 24/7, rapid, and good customer care. We recommend sites that have a quick complaint resolution procedure, several communication options, and quick response times. Good customer service also allows you to take more interest as you are then sure to be answered or guided in the right way if something goes out of the way.

Online Poker FAQs

Is it legal to play poker online games in India?

Yes, playing poker online games is legal in India. The High Courts of Karnataka and Calcutta have ruled that police and law enforcement officials are not permitted to intervene in poker games. There are, however, exceptions. Residents in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, and Telangana are prohibited from playing real money poker due to the specific phrasing of gaming laws.

Where can I play real money online poker in India?

Online poker has become more popular now than it has ever been. In India, there are several online sites where you can play real money poker against other people. For online poker companies, India is a rapidly expanding market. Play real money online poker games in India on your preferred poker website.

Can I play poker online for free?

Yes, you can play free poker online. Several online poker venues provide no-registration-free poker games. Find the top free online poker games with virtual money to compete in thrilling games and tournaments with other poker players from around the world. It is also a good way to learn the tricks before playing with real money.

Is it safe to play poker online?

Online poker is absolutely safe. But keep in mind that it is not only the institutions and the authority's duty; players should also be cautious while choosing an online poker room to play free poker tournaments. Online poker sites that are regulated, provide a secure and safe atmosphere. To stay in business and continue supplying players, they fulfil stringent licensing, technical, and regulatory standards. A legitimate and regulated poker site will never send you any virus or malware.

What are Indian laws for online poker?

The Indian Supreme Court and numerous High Courts have ruled that poker being a skill game, no penalty can be imposed. The Indian Constitution gives states the authority to create laws that regulate betting and gaming within their borders. Anti-gambling legislation has been implemented in some states following these powers. As a result, the people of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Odisha, and Telangana are temporarily barred from playing online poker. » Games » Online Poker: Play Poker Games in India
Last updated: 21. August 2023