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Online casinos are gaining more popularity in India. There has been an increase in casino players looking for great casino sites to play their favourite games for real money. To enjoy the best online gaming experience, these online casinos in India have different payment methods available to enable players in India to make quick deposits and withdrawals.

As a casino player, having access to a quick and reliable payment option is very important. This is necessary because not all casino sites will allow you to play games without first funding your account. This will also grant you the opportunity to have access to the amazing bonuses and offers that usually come with first deposits.

You must be security conscious while choosing the payment option to make payment with. Not all payment options are reliable, as you may be exposing your bank details for malicious use. You can only use trusted online casino payment options as recommended by experts in the gambling industry.

As professionals in online gambling, we at Bestindiaonlinecasinos have extensively researched the different top payment options. We’ve chosen the best casino payment methods based on the convenience, security, anonymity, and reliability that these players will enjoy when making deposits and withdrawals.

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List: Most Recommended Online Casino with Best Payment methods

Definition: What are Payment Providers At an Online Casino?

Money transactions are very important in the online gambling industry. Whether you’re making deposits, wagering cash to play casino games, or withdrawing your wins, having a reliable online casino payment method is very important. This is why most top casinos provide payment methods that make it easy for players to make seamless transactions. To aid in this, casinos in India partner with top payment providers to help facilitate the entire process of funding your online casino account.

A casino payment provider is a third-party company that helps casino sites to accept various online payment options. This is necessary to fund players’ casino accounts, receive welcome bonuses, play casino games, and withdraw earnings. They provide a secure platform where you can make payment via various means such as online banking, credit & debit card, cash cards, e-wallet, etc.

These online casino payment providers also ensure that your transactions are done securely without you risking your card details to malicious users. The use of cryptocurrencies to fund casino accounts is also fast becoming very popular among casino players. This is especially for those who prefer playing casino games as anonymous.

How to Make an Online Casino Deposit

Making the right choice of online casino payment methods to use is very important. This is because of the numerous options available on the internet today. Reliable payment options allow you to deposit funds into your casino account seamlessly. It also prevents you from falling into the hands of a fraudster. Therefore, we’ve put together the steps below to help you deposit funds into your account. It will also enable you to have the opportunity to play games and win real money. You can get started following the steps below.
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: Bestindiaonlinecasinos listPC/Mobile Phone Supply needed: Real moneypayment card or similar
Go through our list of recommended payment options The first step is to go through our recommended casino payment methods and choose the most convenient one for you. They have all been properly vetted so you are fine with any option. Step 1
Register to get an account Most payment options, such as e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, etc., will require registering to have an account. You will have to visit the official website of your preferred payment method to complete the registration process. Step 2
Make a deposit Once you have your payment account ready, you can use it to deposit to fund your casino account. Deposits usually take a few minutes to process. However, you’ll need to log into your casino account first to make the deposit. Step 3
Play games and have fun With your casino account funded, you can start playing your favourite games. Ensure that you have fun while playing the games. If lucky, you can even win real money while having fun. Step 4

In the online gaming industry, the adoption of digital payments for use across all platforms has been paramount. Playing at any online casino, for instance, requires an online casino payment to access the fun and excitement.

One of the prominent features of top iGaming platforms is the easy and secure payment methods offered to customers. Online casinos in India now have different high-quality banking options that offer Indian players convenience, security, and ease when making deposits and withdrawals.

This comprehensive review will focus on the different payment gateways Indian players should expect to see on the top online casino sites. It also contains details on making a deposit using each of them.


Visa is currently one of the most popular digital payment merchants globally. Currently, most of the iGaming sites in India have included Visa as one of the many bank credit card options offered to customers.

Using Visa as a payment option to deposit or withdraw is easy. To deposit, scroll to either the ‘account’ or ‘cashier’ section of your favourite casino and click on deposit. Choose the bank cards and enter your card details as needed. To withdraw, the same process should be followed.

Deposit processes using Visa are almost instant, while withdrawals may take days before they are successful.


Mastercard is another top payment method used in India and the top online casino, and it is rumoured to be Visa’s major bank card rival. This payment method is accepted across different gaming and online casinos in India.

It is rare to find an online casino that did not list this credit card provider as a top payment option in their selections. Mastercard is reliable, and the brand is well known among Indian players, which is why it is highly recommended.

To deposit using Mastercard, scroll to the cashier section and click on “debit/credit cards.” Follow the prompts, and the funds will be deposited immediately. The process is the same for withdrawal requests.

American Express

American Express, also known as AMEX, is another bank card payment method. Although it is not as popular as Visa and MasterCard, AMEX offers absolute protection to its users using an encryption-backed security system. To deposit using American Express, players can use the same payment process used for Visa. Before using it, it is necessary to confirm the online casino offers AMEX as a payment option. Select the payment option, and choose AMEX (American Express) among the list of options.

AMEX’s deposits are instant, but withdrawals take 2-5 days.


Another popular payment means seen on Indian online casinos is Paysafecard. Paysafecard is among the few trusted means of banking under the E-wallets mode. E-wallets have become more famous over recent years, especially for their private and secure process. Paysafecard is no stranger as it is one of the few first introduced as an E-wallet.

To deposit using Paysafecard, visit the account section on the online casino and click on Paysafecard (some casinos will list Paysafecard under ‘E-wallets’). Players will need to enter a 16 digit pin-code and enter the amount they want. Withdrawals are not available on this merchant.


Paypal is a top payment method classified as an E-wallet. It is used by millions of people globally. Indian players can easily make deposits and withdrawals using Paypal, well known for its ease of use, privacy, and high-security infrastructure.

Tons of Indian iGaming websites offer PayPal as a banking option for their customers. To deposit using PayPal, players must have an account with PayPal and link it with their casino account.

Depositing with PayPal can be done quickly and instantly by selecting the PayPal payment option, entering the amount, and clicking on submit.


Skrill has become famous among Indian online casino enthusiasts. This E-wallet option is among the top wallets easily found on most Indian gaming sites. Because of its fast and well-protected structure, most Indians prefer to use it, especially since it has zero fees attached.

Indians using Skrill to deposit can get their accounts fast. The process to deposit is like that of PayPal. After creating an account on the Skrill official website, you will need to add the details to the casino’s website.

Like with the other E-wallet options, Skrill has a strong security standard and ensures that only accredited players access their accounts.


Neteller is another top payment platform used by Indian casino players. Like other E-wallet options, their deposit and withdrawal processes are free, and unlike some other payment methods, withdrawal requests made using Neteller are resolved within 12 hours.

Neteller supports INR and other major currencies. Customers can use the account section to deposit using Neteller and navigate to Neteller. Enter the relevant details and click on submit.


EntroPay is another E-wallet that Indian players can find at their favourite online casino websites. This payment platform is not too popular among Indian casino gamers because of the enormous fees attached to withdrawal requests.

EntroPay charges up to 1.95% for any withdrawal request made through them and takes up to 3-5 business days to process withdrawals. Also, players who want to transfer funds from their EntroPay account to their banks will have to pay 3% as processing fees.

However, EntroPay still offers a safe and reliable means of funding accounts. To make a deposit through EntroPay, players must link their private EntroPay account to the casino site by entering their EntroPay details.


ecoPayz is one of the trusted E-wallet options available to Indians who love to spend time at online casinos. It is reliable, safe, and easy to use, so it is commonly found on many Indian iGaming platforms.

Like Skrill and Paypal, ecoPayz does not charge on their withdrawals, although it takes 1-3 days for processing to be complete.

Indian casino players can deposit their account after creating an ecoPayz account and funding it through a bank debit/credit card. After entering the relevant details, the deposit will be reflected immediately. Withdrawal processes are the same and will need the player to enter their username to begin the process.


Safetypay is a few payment options that don’t require Indian casino players to sign up on their website to enjoy its benefits. Players just need to enable their online banking service to enjoy the fast and secured services Satefypay offers.

Their commission fees are among the lowest seen and allow players who don’t want to input their bank card details yet still want to transact directly from their bank account to carry on.

To use Safetypay for transactions on Indian casinos, players need to select the ‘Safetypay’ option on the deposit options and click on the desired bank among the options shown.


Since 2017 when MuchBetter was launched, it has offered financial services to millions of satisfied customers. Many Indian casinos now offer MuchBetter because of the ease of depositing and withdrawing. Its low fees, fast transaction time, and increased security have become popular.

MuchBetter has a mobile app that allows players to fund and update their accounts without typing in their bank card details. The verification process is also seamless, and a utility bill and ID card are needed.

To deposit using MuchBetter, Indian casino lovers will need to input their details after choosing MuchBetter as their chosen payment option when depositing. The withdrawal process also follows the same routine.


Astropay is an excellent alternative for Indian players who want a fast and stress-free payment method on their favourite casino. Players who use this option require a digital card, meaning they can fund it through the Astropay website and use it to pay for services online.

To deposit using this banking option, players would first purchase an Astropay card and fund it from their bank account. They can locate the cashier or account section on the casino site and click on Astropay.


PaymentIQ is among the new payment methods available to new Indian players. Although it is not popular, it handles large transaction volumes and supports many currencies. To make payments easier on the platform, PaymentIQ has an agreement with the top Indian online casinos to offer payment options directly, eliminating the need for a middleman and reducing waiting times.

Making a deposit using this payment method is fast and direct. All the customers need to click on the deposit option and choose PaymentIQ. After entering the details, the player can choose how much they want to deposit and click ‘submit’.


Cryptocurrency is a new and fast-spreading payment method Indian players now expect to see at an online casino. They offer reliability, security, and, most importantly, the privacy of all transactions carried out via them.

Popular coins now seen on the top Indian casinos include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.

Making a deposit or withdrawal with cryptocurrency at an online casino is simple. Indian players only need the transaction ID generated on the Indian casino to fund the account with their high-rate privacy technology.

Locate the casino website that offers cryptocurrency and choose any of the coins. They can then copy the ID and make payments.


This payment option is one of the top digital payment platforms well known to Indian casino players. Lots of Indian online casinos prefer to use this banking option to deposit or withdraw. Its seamless transactions and high-security framework mean no room for error.

This payment option allows players to earn cashback when making financial transactions, giving them high value for their money.

To use this payment provider, players can click on the account option and select Paytm. Enter their relevant details, and the funds will be reflected instantly.

New Online Casinos With Best Payment Options

How To Withdraw Your Winnings At An Indian Casino

Online casino games allow casino players to have fun while playing their favourite games. However, winning real money from playing your favourite games add more colour to your gaming experience. The problem most players face is the issue of withdrawing their earnings after they win. This is why you should always go through the terms and conditions of each game you wager on. You should also ensure that you’re familiar with the wagering requirements needed to allow you to withdraw your earnings.

With that in mind, we’ve prepared comprehensive step-by-step procedures on how you can withdraw your winnings at an Indian casino.

Safety and Security of Casino Banking

There are many online casino platforms available in India today. The different casino sites offer players various payment options to fund their casino accounts or withdraw their earnings. For this reason, it becomes very difficult to choose a reliable casino payment option that you can trust with your bank details. Casino players, especially newbies, often get themselves defrauded by casino platforms by exposing their bank details to malicious users.

For this reason, the best casino banking methods help you keep your money and sensitive details safe. They do this by offering 132 Bit multi-layer SSL encryption needed to provide absolute safety. Playing at an online casino with the users’ safety at heart will ensure that no third party has access to any of your information or details.

Best online casino platforms in India also make use of modern and updated security firewalls. These are parts of the steps taken to prevent unwanted traffics from gaining access to the site. It also prevents malicious users from getting data and information of the users for bad purposes.

KYC- Explained

Know Your Customer, also known as KYC, is a process that online casinos use to verify casino players. This procedure involves verifying the player’s identity and gathering accurate personal information about the players. This is done to help the casino prevent unauthorized access to the casino sites. Licensed casino sites must take their time to verify the identity of the users before opening an account on the platform.

KYC is important not only for the online casino owner but also for the players. It ensures the safety of legitimate players as it is a valid way of getting rid of those accessing the platform with fraudulent intentions. Even registering to get an account with some payment options will require you to verify your identity to have access to their full functionalities.

The information needed for the KYC includes your personal information such as full name, address, phone number, bank account numbers, and email address. Most times, only verified users can withdraw their earnings after winning.

Other Fees and Expenses of Online Casino Payments

Online casino payments are not always entirely free with most payment methods. While some payment options will allow you to make free deposits, there are some that you’ll need to pay certain fees in order to make either deposits or withdrawals. Withdrawal fees are the most common expenses that online game players experience.

Depending on the method of payment used, casino sites charge a certain amount of money before you can make a withdrawal. Below, we’ll be looking at some of the additional fees and expenses you may experience with online casino payments.

Things You Need to Know Before Making A Deposit In An Online Casino

Playing online games at reputable casino sites offer you the opportunity to experience fun and excitement. It is a very great way to relax, and you can even end up winning some money if you’re lucky. However, with all these beautiful moments comes some challenges you might likely face, especially as a newbie.

Before you deposit in an online casino, there are certain things you need to know and put into consideration. This will enable you to have the best online gaming experience.

Casino Payment Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play at a casino?

There are several easy ways you can make payment at online casinos. You can make payments using your credit & debit cards, e-wallet, bank transfer, cryptocurrency, etc. You need to first register at any top casino of your choice. Then you choose the payment option that is most convenient to you. You can then fund your account using your preferred payment option.

What casinos payout immediately?

The best online casinos in India offer fast payouts. You need to go through our list of recommended casinos to access an online casino that can payout immediately. It is also important that you take the safety of your bank details seriously.

Can I play casino games online for real money?

Yes, you can play casino games online for real money. You need to have yourself registered on one of our recommended online casinos in India. Fund your account with the minimum required amount to have access to your welcome bonus. You can then play any casino game of your choice and stand a chance also to win real money.

How do you withdraw money from a casino?

The withdrawal process of top online casinos is as easy as making deposits. There is a need for you to choose one of the reliable withdrawal options. Then from your casino account, you can then input the amount you wish to withdraw and fill out all the necessary details. Once you’ve confirmed the transaction, your winnings will be processed into your preferred payment option.

How long does it take to receive winnings from online casino?

Generally, you should expect to receive your winnings from an online casino within 3-6 business days. However, there are fast payout casinos you can rely on when it comes to withdrawing your winnings. These fast payout casinos can process your winnings within 24 hours. Some even take just a couple of minutes for you to receive your winnings.





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